Track and Field Club

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Starting Line at Striders Field

The Track and Field Club

Nationally competitive, this program is intended for athletes 13 and up who participate in USA Track and Field events as well as regional, national, and international meets. In addition to honing their physical skills, athletes are mentored by coaches who help them gain self-confidence and motivate them to realize their individual potential. Former athletes attest to the impact the track and field team has made in their lives because it taught them the value of hard work, discipline, and education.

Participation Policy

Members are expected to (a) conduct themselves in an appropriate manner
at all times and to always strive for their personal best; (b) respect decisions
of coaches and abide by rules set forth by coaches at practice, meets, and
on the road; (c) demonstrate good sportsmanship at competitions while competing for Chautauqua Striders. Parents and athletes will be required to sign “Club Travel Rules & Guidelines” prior to departing for an away competition.

Members are required to pay Club dues, submit report cards, birth certificates, medical releases and any other information required at the time of joining the Club.

Members are required to participate in all fund-raising activities (I.e. car washes, tag days, endless relay, concession stand, etc.) as assigned by the track coaches.

Members will be entered into events by the coaching staff and advance upon qualification. Coaches will only advance athletes and relays who have met club standards. It is the parent’s and athlete’s responsibility to inform coaching staff (Intent to Compete) as to potential conflicts with scheduled meets. Athletes and parents will be responsible for entry fees and travel expense if an athlete does not travel to competition and/or participate in entered events.

Members images (still and video) will be used to help promote Club activities through media and organizational press releases.

Academic Policy

The regular academic cycle will run from September 1 through August 31 of each year. All members of the Track Club are required to maintain a grade of “C” (70% minimum) or better in all academic subjects from the beginning of the school year in September. Should an athlete fall below this standard, the following requirements must be met:

He/she must attend the Lighted Schoolhouse Tutoring Program for a minimum of five weeks, two sessions per week. During this time, grades will be monitored. If at the end of five weeks, the “C” standard is met, his/her program will be re-evaluated.

In addition to grades, appropriate behavior and attendance will be monitored. Absenteeism without a satisfactory excuse or uncooperative behavior will result in suspension from the Track Club.

If a member fails to meet these requirements during a five week time frame, he/she cannot participate in any Striders Track Club competitive activity. If, however, in the opinion of the Education Coordinator and the track coach, he/she indicates diligence and effort to improve grade (through help outside classroom with teachers and/or tutoring), the grade standard may be waived until the next report card.

Parent Involvement

There is no such thing as a successful youth program without the support and encouragement of parents. This program is unique and developed to provide athletes with coaching, support and guidance to maximize the potential. Your support and participation is critical to our mission. Your active participation will not only assist with you child’s development but the overall continued success of our program. There are many ways for you to help (see items below and check on the application form) and we thank you in advance for your efforts.

___I am willing to help anywhere I am needed, please contact me whenever help is needed.
___I am willing to help with a fundraising event. (ie Lottery Tickets, Concession Stand or Tag Days)
___I am willing to sell or buy a $50.00 Go For The Gold ticket. (June drawing Date)
___I am willing to chair or provide active participation in development of a Parent Booster Organization
___I am willing to drive or be part of a car pool to help athletes travel to practices or meets.
___I am willing to work in a competition area during a track & field competition.
___I am willing to help with the organization of the annual fundraising events (Golf Scramble and/or road race)

Student-Athlete Registration Form

Please read the Participation Policy, the Academic Policy, and the Parent Participation Statement above and indicate below that you have read and understand all three.

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