Youth Development Track and Field

Ready, Set, Run!

Youth Development

This track and field program is designed for ages 14 and under. Children learn and develop basic athletic skills during June and July. Competitions are based on age and give the participants and their parents a solid introduction to the sport. Young athletes can choose the events in which they compete based on their individual interests and abilities.

Ready, Set, Run!

The purpose of the Chautauqua Striders is to encourage and promote participation and competition in the sport of track and field by providing a program for athletes of all ages. The Track & Field Development Program provides young athletes and their parents an introduction to the sport of track and field. Track & field is unique as it allows young athletes to choose if they want to sprint, hurdle, run, jump, vault, put, toss, or hurl. Some athletes might excel in one event while others enjoy the competition of many. Through participation athletes can learn basic athletic skills which can be applied to further athletic development.

Program Description & Cost Before June 7 June 8 or after
Development Program¬†June 12 –¬† July 11 (Monday & Tuesday Evenings)

Skill development for specific events and competition.

$45.00 $55.00